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Problems of application of cluster approach and formation of directions of optimization of activity of the industrial enterprise

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The article identifies main problems of the cluster approach, which is quite widespread in countries with developed economies. It is proved that the experience of industrial potential development proves effectiveness of cluster approaches in the process of improving competitiveness of industrial enterprises within a particular region or industry. Methods of business diversification and formation of a diversified product portfolio of the enterprise are revealed. The problems of increasing competitiveness of domestic industrial production, which is in the plane of the cluster approach are considered. Analyzing foreign and domestic scientists’ opinions to form optimization areas of the industrial enterprise, main directions regarding optimization methods are proposed. It is concluded that in modern conditions, each of the proposed concepts of optimization has its own advantages and disadvantages. To improve the efficiency of this process, they should be combined and optimised within the framework of such an integration approach.

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A. Ibraeva
Shakarim State University of the City of Semey

K. Khassenova
Shakarim State University of the City of Semey

A. Zeinullina
Shakarim State University of the City of Semey

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., ., . . Путеводитель предпринимателя. 2019;(42):7-12.

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Ibraeva A.K., Khassenova K.E., Zeinullina A.Z. Problems of application of cluster approach and formation of directions of optimization of activity of the industrial enterprise. Entrepreneur’s Guide. 2019;(42):7-12. (In Russ.)

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