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Применение нейронных сетей для прогнозирования поведения инвесторов на фондовом рынке

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The present study is mainly based on time series of stock prices. In this article, I propose to predict the stock price based on trading behavior of investors. For each stock, we study the trade relations between the investors through the trading network. Then classified network nodes in three ways, according to their wiring diagram, we projected the stock price by the inclusion of these indicators in a neural network based time series stock prices.

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В. М. Русаков
Российский экономический университет им. Г.В. Плеханова

Список литературы

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Русаков В.М. Применение нейронных сетей для прогнозирования поведения инвесторов на фондовом рынке. Путеводитель предпринимателя. 2016;(32):206-214.

For citation:

Rusakov V.M. Prediction of stock price is an important and challenging problem for studying financial markets. Entrepreneur’s Guide. 2016;(32):206-214. (In Russ.)

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